Shield Security Training Center - Scammer who sell elderly programs that are useless to them!

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These people sold an elderly man discounts for "fun parks" and home "food aitem and household goods" He lived in a 3 room appartment with home delivered meals from the senior citizens and a very low income.I can't detect that they ever provided any discounts to him.

They withdrew $19.99 per mo. for the past 7 months. No phone number available with my detective work and then you must leave a messge that never gets a return phone call. Also, on-line service is a joke!

Can't ge into an account even with all the account numbers provided by checking withdraws. The best you can do is write a message to cancel as cllent is deceased. Hope they have stopped after days and hours of my time as stop payment is $31 for each account.

These people are scamming our elderly!Heartless peoples who take from the poor and frail!

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Shield Security Training Center Scam

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I would like to warn people about the Scam being conducted through craigslist by Shield Security Training Center.The owner's name is Henry Vickman and He promises job placement under the Security Jobs Section on Craigslist.

I went down for a job and he asked me to pay him $50 for 8 hours worth of training and he'd give me a certificate that would allow me to work as a security guard. He did'nt provide 8hrs of training and just showed me two videos. He gave me a certifiate without having to take a test. I was given an old outdated list of securtiy companies as part of the job placement.

When I called most of the numbers didn't work or were out of business. I couldn't get a job because he didn't provide the training I needed to pass the initial job entry test required at most legitate security companies. I warn everyone:Do Not Go To Shield Security Training Center.

It is a Scam!No Jobs there!

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